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The “Appellation”

The Cru Saint-Amour wine covers 320 Hectares.

The annual wine production per year is approximately 16 000 hectolitres, yielding 52hl/Ha.
The highest point in the Appellation facing East and South is le Bourg at 300 m.

On top of a granit base with sandy clay, the soil is perfect for the black Gamay grape with its white juice, which is tradionally handpicked. The vine itself is trimmed hard in a “gobelet” shape, with just the necessary treatment and then harvested when fully ripe. These are the prerequisites for drawing the best from the soil all the way to the bottle. The ‘terroir’ gives the wine its personality whilst the wine maker gives it a soul.


It is seductive and powerfull, Saint-Amour evokes the fruit and the flower, it delights all senses  :

  • A lovely colour of velvet crimson red
  • A ruby sheen
  • Delicate perfume of red fruits and peach
    Floral notes of peony
  • Fine elegant tannins

Within its first year, it develops the freshness of its bouquet.
Keep it for 2 or 3 years and you will be seduced by its balance and delicate roundness.

Best temperature for drinking: 14 – 15 degrees