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Saint-Amour-Bellevue is located in the south of Burgundy, in the Beaujolais region. During a walk within the village you’ll understand fully the ending “Bellevue”. Take time to call at the various wine growers, some have amazing vaulted cellars dating several centuries. The local potter, open all year, exhibits his latest creations.

ORIGIN OF THE NAME: Amor (Amour or Amator) was a Roman legionnaire, companion of Saint Maurice, leader of the Theban legion, recruted by Maximien in 286, based in the Thebes region (Upper Egypt). Amor refused to fight against the Christians and escaped a massacre in which a large number of his fellow soldiers were killed. He took refuge in the Gaul, where he became a missionary. He “bequeathed” his name to the village of Saint Amour. In 1793, the secular republic changed the name of all villages whose name began by the word “Saint”, therefore Saint Amour became known as « Bellevue » until 1795 (an obvious name owing to the panoramic view from the village). The village took its final name « Saint Amour Bellevue » in 1909. The little statue of Sanctus Amor as a roman legionnaire, standing on a heraldic base, can be seen at the corner of the village hall. On the other side of the square stands the pretty XIXth church. Inside, the sole remain of the original little chapel dating Xth century is a beautiful XIIth century carved altarpiece displayed to the left of the altar.


Saint-Amour-Bellevue has two Michelin starred restaurants. The Chef Cyril Laugier welcomes you at “L’Auberge du Paradis” and the Chef Masafumi Hamano at the “14 Février”. Both renowned establishments offer a delicate and innovative cuisine which can be complimented by the local “nectar” a bottle of “Saint-Amour”. Le bistro “Joséphine à table” serves daily, traditional French cuisine. For your stay in Saint-Amour-Bellevue, L’Auberge du Paradis is classified « châteaux et hôtels de caractère », B&Bs and gîtes de France are open all year round.

«Saint-Amour-Bellevue is truly the village of Love»

Sports and leisure: Saint-Amour-Bellevue offers a range of sports activities for all ages: walking circuits, a tennis court and a “pétanque” game area.

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