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The name of the wine is almost metaphorical, you are bound to love it! It owes its name to a Roman soldier Amor who arrived in this area of the Gaul (the name for France at that time), after converting to Christianism and fleeing the massacres of the Swiss Valais. Wine growing, in this region, stretches back to the Middle Age with the religious orders of the Saint-Vincent Chapter in Mâcon.

The AOC (Appelation d’Origine Contrôlée) or Appelation wine name was officialised by a decree on 8th February 1946 instigated by Louis Dailly, convinced of the remarkable qualities of the soil which give the wine its special characteristic. He was the first to hear the melody of Saint Amour……

Today Saint Amour is heading the 10 crus of the Beaujolais, it has gained in notoriety thanks to the relentless work of several generations of wine growers. They have all been inspired by the verses of the famous poet Lamartine who wrote about the local nectar. These ‘craftsmen’ add their personal touch to the wine, they know how to describe it, how to talk about it with passion.